Welcome to Inside The Nutshell


Ever since I was little I’ve always been in the kitchen. When I was small my mum would sit me on the counter and I’d be busy sprinkling my arms with flour while she baked away. I like to think this hasn’t impacted my baking skills too much but I’ll let you decided. I definitely don’t (totally do) still sprinkle flour on my arms when no one’s watching. Try it some time – no judging allowed.

As I got older I stayed in the kitchen, progressing from amateur flour sprinkler to chief stirrer all the while trying to soak up as much as my mum’s knowledge as possible. My passion for cooking and love to feed those around me has come from all those years spent beside her in the kitchen. Having seen so many inspirational blogs out there I decided to finally take the plunge and share this love of all things food (unless it’s mushroom related). So this is me taking my first steps into the world of online blogging. I hope you enjoy the things that come out of my kitchen and into my belly.


One thought on “Welcome to Inside The Nutshell

  1. I have really enjoyed seeing all you are making and think the whole ‘nutshell’ thing is brilliant!! I think you far surpass me especially your creativity in the kitchen. Your reminiscing has both papa Dave and I smiling.
    Well done you!! Lv Mum XX

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