Tipples and beverages

One year blogging birthday celebrated with a rhubarb and orange tequila spritz!


Well here we are. One year down the line and my blog is a year old. When I first started out on my blogging adventures I had no idea how to compose a photo, I would shoot using my iPhone and I had absolutely no appreciation for just how much time and love goes into each and every post. Now here I am one year down the line. I still can’t compose a photo to save my life, time and love still goes into each and every post but now I at least shoot on something a bit fancier than an iPhone. I’m so glad I took the plunge a year ago to share my cooking in this tiny corner of the internet and I’ve had so much fun and food along the way. Here’s to many more blogging birthdays – now let’s celebrate with this rhubarb and orange tequila spritz!! Don’t worry, there’s cake to follow.

This tequila spritz is a revelation and current obsession. It came out the desire to make a syrup for topping pancakes and somehow ended up as this gorgeously refreshing drink. Also I love the word spritz. Spritzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So let’s grab our jam jar and get a makin’ and a shakin’.



We make a simple rhubarb and orange syrup by simmering chopped rhubarb, fresh orange juice, water and sugar in a pan till the rhubarb is soft. We squeeze all the juice from the soft rhubarb and are left with a sweet but tangy syrup. Then it’s as simple as mixing tequila, syrup, orange juice with ice and soda. Bliss.

Ingredients (makes enough for 8 servings)

Rhubarb and orange syrup ingredients

1 cup of caster sugar

1 cup of water

3 small sticks of rhubarb, sliced into 1 inch pieces

Juice of half an orange, up this to a whole orange if you like drinks sweeter

Spritz ingredients

1 shot of tequila/vodka/gin, which ever you prefer

1 shot of lemon juice if you like your drinks sour, or 1 shot of orange juice if you like your drinks sweet

Enough soda to top up your glass



1. Put on ‘Poppy Burt-Jones’ by Beady Belle. A smooth cocktail needs an equally smooth tune.

2. For the syrup place the rhubarb, sugar, water and orange juice in a pan and gently simmer till the rhubarb is soft. About 10-15 mins should do. Leave the syrup to cool and infuse. Once fully cooled strain through a sieve and make sure you push all the juice out of the rhubarb pulp. Store in a jar and this will keep up to a week.

3. To make the drink pour a shot of the syrup, a shot of either lemon or orange juice, and a shot of chosen liqueur into a jar. Stir. Top with ice and soda water. Enjoy!




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