Personal · Thank God it's Friday...

Thank God it’s Friday…


Here’s to celebrating the beginning of the weekend, the end of the week and a run down of all the things I’ve been loving these past seven days:

In love with this living photo frame idea. Perfect project for spring!

Trying to get back into wedding mode and needing to step. away. from the pinterest boards and all things DIY.

On the hunt for the perfect pair of delicate gold stud earrings for this spring and I love the unusual twist of these ones.

This book is so relevant with the world we live in right now where our every move is shared online – next on my book hit list (after my current Stephen King bing)

And the above link is a beautiful segue into the only type of online shaming I accept.

Devastated to be missing Christian Scott play at Ronnie Scotts this weekend. If you are in London and can get tickets then you have to go. An amazing trumpet player and story teller, wrapped up in one.

In love with everything about this track – from the beautiful sounds of the hang to evident Björk influence (it reminds me so much of this song and that’s no bad thing).

Have a lovely weekend all xo


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