Thank God it's Friday...

Thank God it’s Friday…


Here’s to celebrating the beginning of the weekend, the end of the week and a run down of all the things I’ve been loving these past seven days:

I spent the long weekend down by the South Coast and ever since I’ve been dreaming of owning a tiny little beach hut home to escape the city. This place is just ticking all my boxes and may have just made it’s way onto the mini-moon short list.

It started off with trying to find the meaning of “on fleek” (come on, no-one really knows what it means) and ended up with a pretty interesting comment on how cultural trends start these days. Especially via a simply 6 second video

Let’s all take some time to appreciate how ON FLEEK these damn pies are – see what I did there….smooth.

Oh. My god. Cats. I just cant even.

Can someone please bring me these curry and garlic sweet potatoe fries for the whole weekend? Mmmmmmkay thanks.

Yep, yep this pretty much sums up my life every morning. Do not come between me and ma morning java.

Spring uniform daydreaming. I couldn’t have put it better my self.

Have a lovely weekend all xo


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