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Blogaversary and celebrating with Blood Orange Daiquiris


It’s been two years since I started my humble food blog. Two whole years!! It feels like it can’t have been that long. I still feel so new to all this. In these two years I’ve moved jobs, gotten engaged, seen family move across the world, cemented friendships for life, moved on from shooting on my iPhone 3 to a proper grownup camera, challenged myself, been too lazy in loving this blog, fallen in love with loving this blog, and gotten drunk many times all in the name of taste testing.

As I’ve grown older my taste in drinks has changed. I remember the first time I liked a sip of G&T I thought “That’s it – I’m officially an adult.” I’ve moved on from the sickly sweet drinks of my youth. I’m all about the grown up, sharper flavours and these blood orange daiquiris hit all those spots for me. Sharp yet sweet blood orange juice meets the bitterness of Aperol and the depth of white rum, all muddled together and topped off with a generous dash of soda water. Heaven in a tall tumbler.



I don’t have a fancy cocktail shaker or a jazzy wooden muddler. I don’t know the official definition of a daiquiris or what the heck is meant to go in it. I do however have a measuring jug, an over generous shot measure and a long wooden spoon for stirring. Oh yeh baby, I’m all set to get this party started!

These drinks are so refreshing and light. They go down a little too easy if you get what I mean (that’s not a weird sexual reference in case it came across that way). I recommend you enjoy these with a loved one or a partner in crime. Basically someone you can cajole into getting off their ass and making the next round, as these get plenty addictive.


Ingredients – makes 4 (or, if you’re like me, three. Embrace the booze.)

2 Blood Oranges, juice and zest

4 shots (4 x 1.5 oz) White Rum

2 shots (2 x 1.5 oz) Aperol

1 bottle (750ml) tonic water

A few mints sprigs to serve

Ice cubes to serve

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 teaspoons of salt


1. Put on ‘Coffee Cold’ by Galt MacDermot (Where’s all my ‘Better Call Saul’ lovers out there) and settle in for the night.

2. Pour 2 tablespoons of sugar onto a shallow plate, add the salt and the zest of the blood orange. Give it all a good mix to rub in the citrus oils and then shake the plate to spread out evenly. Run a piece of blood orange around the rim of each glass to gently coat with juice. Dip each glass into the sugar and twist from side to side to coat with the sugar. Flip upright and leave to set.

3. Mix the white rum, Aperol and blood orange together in a jug. Split between the 4 glasses and top with ice cubes and tonic water. Garnish with some mint. Drink straight away. Try not to make more and get totally drunk.


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