Personal · Thank God it's Friday...

Thank God it’s Friday…


Here’s to celebrating the beginning of the weekend, the end of the week and a run down of all the things I’ve been loving these past seven days:

What feels like 10 years too late I’ve finally joined the grown-up colouring book bandwagon. Warning: may cause you to lose hours of your life.

As someone who loves a good motivational quote, some of these made me laugh so hard.

Good God, I need/WANT one of these home bars. They are a thing of beauty.

These summer holiday capsule wardrobes are making me dream of far flung places.

Pretty sure this is the only woman who can rock a quilted fanny pack and make it look effortlessly cool. Envious.

Good thing I don’t have a cat, otherwise I’d probably have one of these tattoos too.

Sprinkle Bakes creations just blow me away every time so seeing this book dedicated to using salt to enhance your desserts – I am. all. over this.

Have a lovely weekend all xo


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