A peak inside The Nutshell

I’m Rachel and this is Inside The Nutshell.

Self - Paris

A twenty-something living just outside of London, on the side of the river Thames. This is a space for me to share all my cooking failures, success and bad photography skills. I have a love of toast with blueberry jam, pretty dresses, excessive coffee drinking, a cold glass of white wine after a long week and I’ll always struggle to say no to a killer cocktail with friends.

I’ve been in the kitchen ever since I was little, right alongside my mum. I’ve learnt everything I know from this woman along with a lot of trial and error in my own kitchen. My papa’s only cooking skill is following Delia Smith recipes to the exact letter. I’m not sure that really counts…

I hope you enjoy this journey into the world of online blogging with me and patiently hold my hand along the way.



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